By | August 19, 2017

Whether you’re a student or someone simply working for a living, everyone has thoughts of what it would take to fake that perfect doctor’s note to get them out of their responsibilities. But what does it take to make a passable note that sounds legitimate without drawing too much attention or scrutiny? Follow this template and make fake doctor’s notes that will fool anyone!

What makes a good fake doctor’s note?

Part of making a good fake doctor’s note is knowing the basic components of one before you get started. It helps to start by searching online for a realistic looking template. The first thing people will notice when you give them a doctor’s note, before they even read it, is if it looks real. Without a realistic looking template, no one will take your note seriously. Find one with a doctor’s note logo on it already, one that is generic enough to not set off any red flags as not being a local doctor’s office. This can also be accomplished with a simple internet search. You’ll also need to research doctor’s signatures. It will need to look real, so don’t do it yourself. Instead, find someone you trust (preferably someone with bad handwriting), so that it can’t be traced back to you as your employer or school will probably be familiar with your handwriting.

Notes on legitimacy of doctor’s notes

A good doctor’s note that is legitimate includes a phone number that leads to a real person. This is often the hardest part of making a quality fake doctor’s note as it requires a large amount of forethought and planning. Do you have a friend who can be dedicated to answering the phone as though they are a doctor’s office? It’s best to work that out with them ahead of time to avoid any surprises and to work out what they’ll say. You also could potentially set up an answering machine ahead of time, to save the possibility of your friend misspeaking or accidentally giving you away. It could say they are unable to take the call or that they are closed for a meeting or employee get together.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t expect your first fake doctor’s note to be a success right out of the gate. Practice makes perfect! It can take some time to find the right template, the right signature, the right way to handle having a verifiable phone number without setting off any red flags. Ask around, see if you have any friends who have had success and as for their tips and tricks! On the flip side, if they’ve been caught with a fake doctor’s note, ask what got them busted and avoid doing that!

Making a doctor’s note look legitimate enough to get you out of work or school can be quite a trick. Make sure to follow some simple guidelines to avoid getting caught and to have a fake doctor’s note template that you can use again and again when you need it – just don’t get too cocky!