By | June 27, 2017

It’s not that uncommon for people to use a doctor’s excuse note today as they can help most escape a day off work. However, there are thousands who want to find the best excuses so that their notes can become far more believable. So, what excuses should you consider? Read on to find out a few of the top excuses online today.

The Simple Flu

While it might not sound the best, or even that original, the flu is one of the most common and effective excuses today. Anyone who is off sick for a day or two will find a cold or flu to be very useful to say the least. This is one of the best excuses for fake doctor’s notes today and certainly they offer very little questions. When you say you have a cold or flu, people don’t want the details and that is why the excuse is the best. People don’t want to hear you talking about how you had the sniffles or that you went through a whole box of tissues within an hour! That is why this simple excuse is the most effective of them all.

Stomach Aches and Gastro Problems

Who honestly questions you when you have pains in the stomach? Whether it’s a man, woman, or child, there are very few who are heartless enough to say you’re faking it! An upset stomach and pains are unique because they can’t always be seen and don’t always show a lot of signs either. That’s why they are thought of as some of the best excuses available today. What’s more, intense gastro problems can often cause many to take a few days off work and again, very few ask about them. A doctor’s excuse note is always full of gastro problems so it can work for you too. read the latest news from

Can Fake Doctor’s Notes Be Effective?

notesIt all comes down to the type of excuse you use. If you come up with a cracker of an excuse that is believable then it should be more than effective; but if you use a story that isn’t quite believable you’re in for some trouble. Now, despite what you might think, you have to ensure the note is believable and looks real. It’s probably best not using them if you don’t want to get caught but a lot of people don’t listen. If you really have to use a doctor’s excuse note, ensure it looks like a real note and not something you’ve put together.

Make Sure Your Excuse Is a Good One

Employers are getting smarter and are checking on the doctor’s slips and notes that are handed to them. Doctors cannot relieve the condition you have but they can certainly confirm if you have a genuine note or not. That is why it’s risky to use these things and it’s advisable not to use them. However, if you are determined to use one, you have to ensure it’s a believable excuse and that the note looks genuine as well. If you can achieve these things, you might just avoid being detected. Fake doctor’s notes are always under suspicion so don’t get caught.